Hey there, my name's Cole!

I'm a computer science student currently attending the University of Minnesota. I enjoy developing backend API services, tinkering with network configurations, and managing my homelab of servers during my freetime. My current role working in the payment card processing industry where I've worked to recieve OWASP certification, develop financial institution management software, and write code running on ATM machines globally.

Curious about my work? Want me to join your team?
Find me at the links below!

My Resume

Looking to hire an developer who's ready for a challenge, works great in team environments, and loves to code? Well look no further, and check out my resume above!


Want to run your own test servers before going public? How about securing your connections with a high bandwith VPN? I've created my homelab, GreenleeNet, with the documentation needed to run your own servers at home!


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